Flying Soup – turbulence

Flights will not be delayed, check-in details have changed!
I’m sorry if you have experienced some turbulence while trying to check in to Flying Soup.
This is because my group has been rejected by Meetup – I linked to my website which resulted in it being classed as advertizing goods or services and I have been abruptly removed! Appologies for any inconvenience caused.
Flying Soup is going ahead and will be publicized instead via:
twitter: @xIsobelSmithx
Facebook: Isobel Smith
The Flying Club website
Bom-Banes website
Arts Council Arts News
and email (please reply ‘unsubscribe’ if you don’t want to recieve e-news and updates from Grist to the Mill and The Flying Club)
Flying Soup. Insightful and inspirational coaching exersizes, and soup!
Designed to enable you to create the life you want – with soup!
At Bom-Bane’s, George Street, Kemp Town, Brighton. Thursday 31st Jan 2013. 7-9pm. £10 (includes delicious soup with chewy brown bread)
The Flying Club Creative Coaching is a gentle and VERY effective process, using a specially devised series of coaching tools and exercises to empower you to identify and act upon the wealth of possibilities available to you.
There’ll be no ‘running off with the circus‘ – (unless you want too of course!) but lots of tiny comfortable steps which sneakily conspire to massive changes in your life.
We have clearance and will be taking off shortly!
Hope to see you there,