The Flying Club Process

Re-discover your best self, re-ignite your dreams and FLY! 

The Flying Club Process will be perfect for you if:
▪Your old life doesn’t quite fit anymore and you’d like to explore what to do next …
▪There’s something you’ve always fancied trying but haven’t got round to … yet!
▪You have a creative project in mind and would like some support getting it off the ground
▪You are a creative person who would like to bring more clarity and focus to your practice

Whether you’ve lost your spark or have yet to find it, The Flying Club Creative Process can certainly help.
Designed to inspire, open, and tool-you-up to move into the life you’ve always imagined, it will leave you feeling empowered, supported and confident to get your plans off the ground. It will enable you to explore the multitude of possibilities available to you, while honoring and celebrating all that you are now.

You will work through the 6 stages of the Flying Club Process, recording your ideas and working on exercises in your Flying Club Log Book. It will be a fun, intense and at times revealing journey.

1. Choose a destination. Re-examine what’s important to you and where you’d like to go.
2. Packing / Baggage Control. How to fit everything into your life, off-load excess baggage and travel lighter.
3. Passport Control. Making sure you have all necessary documents and permissions to ‘fly’.
4. Take off. Experience a little ‘turbulence’ as you examine what’s stopping you from having the life you’ve imagined.
5. In-Flight. Congratulations you are on the way! Watch the movie version of your dream. Enjoy the journey,
6. Arrivals. How will know when you’re there? Techniques for planning, celebrating and supporting your ongoing life-journey.

The Flying Club operates in East Sussex.
The Flying Club Process – a series of carefully designed and highly effective coaching exercises – will take your dreams and ideas and nurture them into into a solid plan of action.


SATURDAY 20th July 2019. 10:30-5:30pm FC200719. BOARDING NOW!!
A one day group workshop taking you through the Flying Club Process from your initial dreams and ideas to comprehensive plan of action.

£75 including delicious lunch and refreshments.
Special Offer: Just *£65* each if you book with a friend.

7 Thursday Evenings 7-9:30pm.
June 20, 27, July 4, 18, 25, August 1, 8. FC200619. BOARDING NOW!!

Offerings real-time coaching support from Flight Attendant/mentor Isobel Smith as you embark on your creative journey.
You will explore the Flying Club Process in depth, re-ignite your dreams and FLY! The final session will honour how far you’ve come and set intentions for your ongoing voyages.
£30 / session drop in

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