Create the life you want

 The Flying Club Creative Coaching is a gentle and VERY effective process, using a specially devised series of coaching tools and exercises to empower you to identify and act upon the wealth of possibilities available to you.

There’ll be no leaping off cliffs in wild flying contraptions (unless you want too of course!) –  just lots of tiny comfortable steps which sneakily conspire to massive changes in your life.

2022 Sunday 20th March. 10:30 – 6pm
at Glynde Reading Room. East Sussex

Thank you so much for Saturday!! Two days into my project and I’ve done loads – not anymore than was on my plan, but the bite size pieces feel so much easier and mean that my feeling of achievement is huge! I don’t feel utterly swamped and overwhelmed with it. It’s amazing how having a clear plan and a starting place and working through the jealousy barrier has made me feel so much more relaxed about the project. For the first time I can actually see this book being completed, and I’m very excited about it. Can’t wait to show you when it’s finished!

Jo (Photographer)

One Day Intensive

My flying lessons have been an incredible journey of discovery. I began with a sense of wanting to fulfil some areas of life which were not yet realised but did not have a clear vision of what that might be or how I might get there. The process helped me scratch some itches, dig out some surprises and made clearer inspiring visions for the future. Isobel provided challenge and extremely useful and sensitive insights which helped build confidence that the visions could become a reality. With any newly learned skill, flying will need continuous practice and refinement in order to get to my destination but I am equipped with useful tools and inspiration to help me on my way and enjoy the ride.

Many, many thanks Isobel.

Ruth (Artist)

1:1 Flying Club Coaching