Isobel Smith started The Flying Club when her creative life completely turned around after following The Artists Way (self development manual). She left a 15 year-long career in Graphic Design to become an award winning puppeteer – not a avenue she had even considered before. She is passionate about encouraging others to follow their dreams too.

Amazed that a series of simple exercises could lead to such profound life changes, she began to research further, investigating all the books, manuals and guides she could lay her hands on and quickly recognized that they are all underpinned by similar coaching techniques and it is the way the tools are combined and framed that makes the process a success, or not. Many were just too long and others too slight, Isobel devised The Flying Club Process to be just right.

She has simplified, refined and adapted her courses over the years to concentrate on encouraging self-acceptance and delight in the journey, rather than the traditional coaching focus on results alone. The warm, nurturing and highly effective techniques used in The Flying Club Process back, champion and ra-ra each of our own uniquely fabulous ways of being.

In 2016, inspired by the amazing progress of her Flying Club clients, Isobel decided it was time try a dose of her own coaching medicine again. The result – an MA in Sculpture/Performance Art from Royal College of Art, Graduating in 2017, selling her sculpture to the Saatchi Collection and Isobel’s work was presented in Saatchi Gallery’s ‘Known Unknowns’ exhibition throughout 2018. Fasten your seat belt … It works … often in unimaginable ways!

Visit isobelsmith.org to see Isobel’s performance art and sculpture.
For puppetry courses and workshops visit the Brighton Puppetry School website.
You can see her puppetry work at Grist to the Mill.

We invite you to ignite your own magical journey here.

© Isobel Smith 2013