All aboard for FLYING SOUP 3 – Thurs 27th Feb.


I’m looking forward to welcoming you all aboard again for
FLYING SOUP 3, this Thursday 27th March, 7 – 9pm

Session 3 – CHECK IN
In this session we battle through some turbulence – as we look back over sessions 1 and 2 and think:
‘That’s all very well but …’
We will examine our dreams and ideas and why it is maybe completely and utterly impossible,
RIDICULOUS even for us to actually really consider doing anything about them  – EVER!
The plane will probably nosedive, oxygen masks will almost certainly drop from above our heads, however we are in the safe hands of an experienced Pilot, there are efficient Stewardesses on board to keep the atmosphere calm (and administer warmth, humour and Gin as required)

We will certainly make it through the clouds and emerge safely into clear blue skies, ready for adventure, not a drop of soup spilt!

Can’t wait!

(This course of FLYING SOUP is now FULL.
If you didn’t make it on board this one, please get in touch via the FLYING SOUP HOW TO BOOK PAGE to be added to the waiting list for future flights x)