As New Year approaches it’s the perfect time to make plans for a fantastic 2016.
What’s staying? What needs to change?
The best changes start with big dreams. How will you make sure that your dreams are BIG and BRAVE enough?
Dreams become manifest by action. What actions will you take in 2016 towards your dreams?

If you want to make changes but can’t get started, or feel daunted at the very thought, let The Flying Club help you.

The Flying Club Process provides a supported environment to explore the possibilities available to you. It is designed to nurture, champion and cajole you to make achievable moves towards your dream scenario.
During our one day intensive courses you will move from wild dreams to a solid plan of action for 2016 and beyond. You will discover what limits you, learn fun and effective methods for staying motivated and have a strategy that tools-you-up for the future.

Don’t just take our word for it – check out what previous Flyers have to say, you can read their TESTIMONIALS here.

Next One Day Intensive:
Sunday January 20th. 10 – 5pm
NEW for 2016: One Day FOLLOW-ON Intensive:
Sunday 20th March. 10 – 5pm

There’s more info here on The Flying Club website.

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Looking forward to Flying with you in 2016.

x isobel x