Flying Soup. Insightful and inspirational coaching exercises + delicious soup!

Flying Soup sessions will be enabling, supportive and fun. A treat!

Designed to enable you to create the life you want – with soup!

At Bom-Bane’s, George Street, Kemp Town, Brighton. Thursday 31st Jan 2013. 7-9pm. £10 (includes delicious soup with chewy brown bread)

The Flying Club Creative Coaching is a gentle and VERY effective process, using a specially devised series of coaching tools and exercises to empower you to identify and act upon the wealth of possibilities available to you.
There’ll be no ‘running off with the circus‘ – (unless you want too of course!) but lots of tiny comfortable steps which sneakily conspire to massive changes in your life.

I can’t wait to fly with you!

There’s a Flying Soup page on the website
There’s more info about The Flying Club process on our website