Saturday I went Flying.

I flew into a new way of positive thinking with Isobel Smith’s The Flying Club creative coaching course.

Usually I’m a little skeptical of these sorts of courses but I had the opportunity to try it and I was more than pleasantly surprised.

I spent a delightful day looking at how to make the things that truly matter to you happen. No matter how big or small.

Techniques to enhance our passions and to help guide you in the direction you want to go.

If you feel yourself floundering in life, at a crossroads or doing well but wanting to do even better then get yourself along to one of these workshops.

Isobel is a wonderful, kind & funny host and I was pleased to be joined by 2 people I have met before in different circumstances.

All in all I had a really productive day. I’ve come away with plans and ideas that will take me far into the future, made new friends and that excitement of trying something new in life.

Thanks for a great day Issy. xx

Andie (Photographer)


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