I just wanted to share with you my thoughts and reflections on my experience with “The Flying Club”. It feels really special to have been on, what is after all a very personal journey, with this group of supportive and interesting women. I hope K, V and myself will continue to support each other. At the beginning of the course, check in, I wasn’t sure if it was going to work for me. I think this was more about my resistance and I couldn’t see where we were going ( did I need too?). But it soon became clear to me that some thing was on the move!

I would say that your style is both encouraging and nurturing. I felt that your affirming of each of us was genuine, you conveyed a belief in us that for me supported the sometimes fragile belief I have in myself. The techniques were for me accessible and facilitated a shift in my thinking, opening me up to my possibilities. Looking over the ground we covered the process makes so much sense to me. I think you have really “tooled me up”.

Flying Club is a great concept Isobel, it’s a really apt metaphor/vehicle, no pun intended. I would certainly recommend to friends.

Sally (Artist)


One Day Intensive