Thank you so much much to my kind and generous sponsors for your pledges to support my dream to take up a hard-won place at the Royal College of Art at the end of this month. I can’t quite believe I’ve been pledged £860!!! xxxx

I very nearly didn’t apply, fearing the idea was ridiculous and I’d left it too late, but I went ahead anyway. I thought it was important for my students too that I practice what I preach. I’ve come so far, it would be disappointing to miss out on this opportunity of a life-time because of lack of funding. I am working hard to get to £3000, that’s the amount I need to pay RCA when I enrol and the amount that I need to get to in order to keep the pledges I’ve already received.


I am offering some great rewards for my sponsors on HUBBUB – including a place on a Flying Club Creative Coaching Day – perhaps you’ll launch yourself into new creative possibilities! There are just 11 days to go to help me reach my target. Please visit my page and follow progress, help me spread the word or sponsor me if you can, you’ll be making a dream possible if you do x

(Thank you for you attention, there’s more info on my HUBBUB page)


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