Saturday November 1st, 10:30 – 5pm
£95 including delicious lunch and refreshments
*Book before Monday 20th Oct and receive a FREE 60 minute 1:1 follow-up session
at a convenient date after the workshop (usually £50).
FLYING CLUB INTENSIVE – a one day group workshop exploring the Flying Club Process from your initial idea to comprehensive plan of action.
It’s a Super-Sonic Flying Club Experience – covering the same material as our six week course – fast.

The Flying Club Creative Coaching
 is a gentle and VERY effective process, using a specially devised series of coaching tools and exercises to empower you to identify and act upon the wealth of possibilities available to you.

There’ll be no leaping off cliffs in wild flying contraptions (unless you want too of course!) –  just lots of tiny comfortable steps which sneakily conspire to massive changes in your life.

Unlike traditional Life Coaching which focuses only on ‘results’ – The Flying Club is about enjoying the journey. In the spirit of adventure Isobel invites you to off-load excess baggage, visit passport control and carry out pre-flight checks before sitting back and watching your life take off!

This Flying Club Intensive will be taking off from my lovely space at Blank Studios, Portslade, Brighton.

Looking forward to seeing you there.

x isobel x