CATCH-UP and join FLYING SOUP 2 – Thurs 27th Feb.

If you missed the first FLYING SOUP and would like to join us for
FLYING SOUP 2, next Thursday 27th Feb, 7 – 9pm
You can still catch up. (More about FLYING SOUP HERE!)

Here are some notes from Session 1:

FLYING SOUP FEB 2014 SESSION 1 Catch-up notes.
The Flying Club is about reconnecting us with our joy and creativity.

It is a gentle process that reminds and kindly provokes us to be our best selves, to get out of our own way, be VERY nice to ourselves and begin to value and honour our ideas, hopes and dreams.

Session 1 was about checking our navigations systems and having a think about about where we might want to go.

The following exercises are best done FAST to avoid the temptation to over-think them. There are no right or wrong answers, often the seemingly small or silly answers hold potency and insights.

Starting with the words ‘It matters to me that ….’, write a list 20 things that matter to you.
From your personal ethics to sock-drawer management, don’t edit anything out. They can be things you already have or do, as well as items, qualities, feeling that you’d like more of.
(NB. In ALL Flying Club exercises we take it as given that other people and the rest of the world are all alright  – we want to hear about YOU).

b. Write another list of 20 ‘It matters to me that ….’s

c. Write 20 x ‘It doesn’t matter to me AT ALL that ….’s

Now look at the ‘It doesn’t matter’ list and check for worthiness , for example I could have written:
‘It doesn’t matter to me at all that I don’t have a guitar-shaped swimming pool’.
If, when I read it back I feel that actually it really does matter and I won’t feel complete + successful until I do own one – I’ll move that item up into the ‘it matters’ list!

Then double check the ‘It matters’ lists too for worthiness, ‘shoulds’ and ‘oughts’ and move any offenders down to ‘It doesn’t matter’ list or edit them out.

Everything you write in the Flying Soup sessions is confidential and you won’t be asked to share anything you don’t want to.

d. Choose 3 from each list that jump out for you and highlight them. Notice any that have have a special resonance.

e. Write:
Write it big + beautiful.

These lists are non-negotiable navigational tools. They matter to you. You chose them. Believe yourself and honour them.

2. Brochure Photo.
Take an imaginary snap-shot of yourself in the future feeling fantastic, relaxed and contented. Everything has worked out spectacularly well …

a. Describe the physical place (you don’t have to know where it is and you don’t have to worry about the practicalities of you being there!)
… write what it smells like, tastes like, what colour, feel, sounds, look, weather breeze … as much minute detail as possible.

b. Describe yourself in this photo, how you feel, look, sound, smell …

Enjoy yourself!
Please bring your notes to FLYING SOUP on Thursday 27th Feb, 7 – 9pm.

If you would prefer 1:1 sessions with Isobel,
and for other ways to Fly click here.

Looking forward to flying with you.

x isobel x