Flying Soup – Flying again this Thursday 28th Feb!

If you think:
It’s too late
I can’t afford the life I really want
I don’t have time
I should be grateful for what I’ve got, not ask for more
It’s too selfish
I’m too fat/thin/daft/sensible/old/young
(or any other limiting thoughts) …
Then this journey is for you

Isobel will help you to explore, define and expand your ideas and bring clarity to your aims. You are invited to kick old habits and discover new creative approaches.FLYINGsoup2013

The second session of FLYING SOUP (Thursday 28th Feb 2013) will deal with ‘oughts’ – how to tame or banish them … and we will also consider ‘what if it all goes horribly RIGHT!’ …

Discover techniques for minimizing ‘ought to’ and maximize ‘LOVE TO!’
Explore fantastic possible outcomes for your ideas and see what happens when you do.

FLYING SOUP is a monthly event at Bom-Banes, Brighton.
It is adapted from The Flying Club creative coaching program.
Each individual session will cover an aspect from The Flying Club program and will work in its own right.

See you there x

please visit for more info and booking.