Saturday November 1st, 10:30 – 5pm
£95 including delicious lunch and refreshments
*Book before Monday 20th Oct and receive a FREE 60 minute 1:1 follow-up session
at a convenient date after the workshop (usually £50).
FLYING CLUB INTENSIVE – a one day group workshop exploring the Flying Club Process from your initial idea to comprehensive plan of action.
It’s a Super-Sonic Flying Club Experience – covering the same material as our six week course – fast.

The Flying Club Creative Coaching
 is a gentle and VERY effective process, using a specially devised series of coaching tools and exercises to empower you to identify and act upon the wealth of possibilities available to you.

There’ll be no leaping off cliffs in wild flying contraptions (unless you want too of course!) –  just lots of tiny comfortable steps which sneakily conspire to massive changes in your life.

Unlike traditional Life Coaching which focuses only on ‘results’ – The Flying Club is about enjoying the journey. In the spirit of adventure Isobel invites you to off-load excess baggage, visit passport control and carry out pre-flight checks before sitting back and watching your life take off!

This Flying Club Intensive will be taking off from my lovely space at Blank Studios, Portslade, Brighton.

Looking forward to seeing you there.

x isobel x


Make a Dream Incubator! THIS SUNDAY 8th JUNE

Hatch your plans and ideas on this inspiring one day workshop from The Flying Club:
SUNDAY 8th JUNE. 10:30 – 5pm 

BLACK BOX – Make an ‘Incubator for your Hopes and Dreams
and work with creative visualization to use it effectively.
£55. Simple lunch provided
Some of you may be familiar with Vision Boards or Dream Boards as valuable visualization tools.

A Dream Incubator is that – and more – in fabulous 3D, conveniently inside a box!
Drawing inspiration from shrines, paper art and shadow boxes you will create a magical personal world inside a box. (Cardboard boxes will be provided, bring a tin, little suitcase, wooden treasure box or cigar box if you prefer).

When open the dream incubator becomes a physical focus for your hopes and dreams, a tangible representation of where you are going, a vision board/shrine, inspiring you to pay attention to your intentions and visualize your dreams into actions.

When closed it will continue to incubate your highest visions, powered by the magic of positive imagination and laws of attraction.

During the day in my beautiful studio you will:
*Identify an intention for your Incubator – you may have a clear goal in mind, or a theme, or want to be open and allow inspiration to come through the objects and images you use.
*Decorate the inside of the box with found images, drawings and symbolic objects, fairy lights will be provided to illuminate your vision! (visit my Pinterest page for some inspiration: )
*Enjoy a delicious soup + salad lunch (please inform me of any special dietary requirements)
*Write personal affirmations to visualize your dreams into reality
*Kick-start your creativity and have fun!


VENUE: Studio One. Blank Studios, 108 North St, Portslade, Hove, East Sussex BN41 1DG

Free on-street parking
Easy train from Brighton to Portslade (8 mins) on the hour and half hour
No 1 bus from Brighton to North Street / Boundary Road (12 mins)

I’m looking forward to working with you.
x isobel x

Please share with friends who may enjoy Making a Dream Incubator x

Awesome one day workshops from The Flying Club

Greetings High-Flyers and Adventurers!

I’m delighted to announce that the following workshops will be boarding soon!
There are a couple of chances to experience the Flying Club Process in one intensive day (great if you missed ‘Flying Soup’ or can’t wait till the next one in early 2014), workshops that explore aspects of the process in more depth: ‘Black box’ and ‘Passport Control’ (these are suitable for frequent Flying Club Flyers or those who haven’t yet flown with us) and ‘Magnificent Flying Machines’ which is especially for people ready for some seriously silly fun! They will be held in my beautiful studio space at Blank Studios Portslade (easy buses, trains and parking). Cost per workshop £55 payable in advance.

DIARY 2014:
Sunday June 8th, 10:30 – 5pm: BLACK BOX – Make an ‘incubator for your hopes and dreams’ and work with creative visualization to use it effectively.
(It doesn’t have to be black!)

Saturday September 27th, 10:30 – 5pm: FLYING CLUB INTENSIVE – a one day workshop exploring the Flying Club process from your initial idea to comprehensive plan of action.
Saturday October 4th, 10:30 – 5pm: PASSPORT CONTROL – Paint a passport photo and write a file of a ‘successful’ person, rummage through their hand luggage, find out what makes them tick in order to explore your own unique vision of success and how you may attain it.
Saturday October 11th, 10:30 – 5pm: MAGNIFICENT FLYING MACHINES – Play Day: Make a ‘real’ life-sized flying contraption using cardboard and tape and test drive it yourself! We will be on hand to document and photo-shop it to create a black and white photograph of your first Flying Club ‘flight’. Certificates will be awarded!
Saturday November 1st, 10:30 – 5pm: FLYING CLUB INTENSIVE, a one day workshop exploring the Flying Club process from your initial idea to comprehensive plan of action.

See you there!

© Isobel Smith 2014

All aboard for FLYING SOUP 3 – Thurs 27th Feb.


I’m looking forward to welcoming you all aboard again for
FLYING SOUP 3, this Thursday 27th March, 7 – 9pm

Session 3 – CHECK IN
In this session we battle through some turbulence – as we look back over sessions 1 and 2 and think:
‘That’s all very well but …’
We will examine our dreams and ideas and why it is maybe completely and utterly impossible,
RIDICULOUS even for us to actually really consider doing anything about them  – EVER!
The plane will probably nosedive, oxygen masks will almost certainly drop from above our heads, however we are in the safe hands of an experienced Pilot, there are efficient Stewardesses on board to keep the atmosphere calm (and administer warmth, humour and Gin as required)

We will certainly make it through the clouds and emerge safely into clear blue skies, ready for adventure, not a drop of soup spilt!

Can’t wait!

(This course of FLYING SOUP is now FULL.
If you didn’t make it on board this one, please get in touch via the FLYING SOUP HOW TO BOOK PAGE to be added to the waiting list for future flights x)

See your creative life take-off in 2014 with monthly COACHING SESSIONS from The Flying Club

Insightful and inspirational coaching exercises, + soup!
Monthly at Bom-Bane’s, George Street, Kemp Town, Brighton BN2 1RH.
£10 – includes delicious soup with chewy brown bread

A course of 6 monthly coaching sessions from The Flying Club,
designed to get your creative ideas off the ground

STARTS: Thursday 30th Jan 2014. 7-9pm (then MONTHLY)

Flying Soup will be perfect for you if:

  • Your old life doesn’t quite fit anymore and you’d like to explore what to do next …
  • There’s something you’ve always fancied trying but haven’t got round to … yet!
  • You have a creative project in mind and would like some support getting it off the ground
  • You’d like to explore whether a more creative life might work for you
  • You are a creative person who would like to bring more clarity and focus to your practice

The Flying Club Creative Coaching is a gentle and VERY effective process, using a series of specially devised coaching tools and exercises – from Navigation, Baggage Control and Checking the Runway to In-Flight Meals and Passport Control –  to empower you to identify and act upon the wealth of possibilities available to you.

There’ll be no ‘running off with the circus‘ – (unless you want too of course!) but lots of tiny comfortable steps which sneakily conspire to massive changes in your life.

I strongly advise that you attend all six sessions, unlike previous Flying Soup sessions these are designed to work as a course for maximum effect.

If you prefer a more personal approach, contact me to discuss ONE-TO-ONE Flying Club Sessions.

Looking forward to seeing you on the runway!

x isobel x